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Should WordPress menus take the place of “Links” in blogrolls?

When we first started using WordPress, the Links function, often known as a blogroll, was fascinating. We were able to add and remove links from the sidebar without having to deal with any code. For us newbies, it was a dream come true. However, the links feature currently appears to be a little out of date and, to be honest, not as simple as the “Menus.” In this post, we argue that WordPress menus should be used instead of the Blogroll “Links” function.

We’ve recently found ourselves implementing a custom menu in places where we used to use Links. Our clients may control the order of connections considerably more easily with the menus’ intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This is by far the most often requested feature among our clientele. Don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying this to brag. We wish we could keep some of the features of links while using the menus. As a result, we’ll undertake a feature comparison and let you decide whether blogroll “links” should be replaced with WordPress Menus.


Blogroll “Links” include the following features: 

  • Custom Links are possible.
  • Add a description to the link
  • Sort the links into categories.
  • Property of Interest (open link a new window or same page)
  • Rel: tags are used to specify link relationships.
  • Notes
  • Image Address
  • RSS Address
  • Ratings

Let’s check off how many of these WordPress menus can already do. The “Custom Links” section of Menus is where you can create custom links. By simply designing distinct menus for each category, you may categorize links. There are checkboxes for Link Target, Link Relationship, and Description if you look at the Screen Options tab in the top right corner of your admin screen. So those may also be included. What then can links achieve that menus cannot?Notes are “for administrator’s use to remind them why they created a link,” hence Menus does not permit you to have them.Once more, it seems a little unnecessary for someone to have a link in their sidebar without knowing why they included it. Users typically link to websites they adore and visit frequently. Ratings are not permitted. Links are sorted using the rating that the administrator has given them. Well, the drag-and-drop interface allows you to do that. Now, if we could allow visitors to rate our links, this functionality would be really cool. The link’s RSS address. Never utilized this feature, but some of you might find it handy. The Image Address is the functionality that we most miss.

It is true that photos can be used in WordPress menus, but you must first establish a CSS class for each item. Most customers are unable to do it. We may now entirely do away with the Links area if we can create a means to add icons to WordPress menus (either through the core or through a plugin).

We have now observed some users that use Links as a post type. As a result, they create links and present them on a different page that they refer to as “Resources or Friends.” However, you can still include links thanks to the new WordPress post formats in version 3.1. Therefore, using Post Formats for Links as opposed to a different post type seems to make more sense.

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