Do you want to use your WordPress blog to show RSS feeds from other websites?

RSS allows you to easily grab material from other websites and display it on your own. This can help to enhance user engagement, website traffic, and page views.

We’ll teach you how to display any RSS feed on your WordPress blog in this article.

Why would you want to put an RSS feed on your WordPress blog?

RSS feeds are supported by default on all WordPress blogs. Using an RSS feed reader like Feedly, your consumers may receive frequent updates from your website.

You can also utilise RSS feed connections to deliver email newsletters and push alerts to your users when new posts are published.

The RSS feed for your blog is just the website’s address with the suffix /feed/ appended at the end.

Many people are unaware that RSS may be used to incorporate material from other websites into your own.

This allows you to curate information from other websites and show content from social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube automatically. WordPress may also be used as a news aggregator.

With that in mind, let’s look at how to add any RSS feed to your WordPress site. We’ll go through four different approaches:

Using a Widget to Display Any RSS Feed

Using a Plugin to Display Any RSS Feed Using a Plugin to Display Social Media Feeds

Using Code to Display Any RSS Feed

Using a Widget to Display Any RSS Feed

The built-in WordPress widget may be used to show an RSS feed on your WordPress blog. Simply go to Appearance » Widgets and then to the top of the screen to the blue block inserter button.

The WordPress RSS Widget

Then, find the RSS widget and drag it to your sidebar or another widget-ready location. After that, all you have to do is write or paste the RSS feed you want to show.

We’ll use WPBeginner’s RSS feed, which can be found at https://wpbeginner.com/feed/, for this lesson. We’ll also use a header block to add a title.

On our test WordPress blog, here is how the RSS widget looks.

WordPress RSS Widget Preview

It’s worth noting that the default RSS widget only has extremely rudimentary functionality. It doesn’t allow you to add thumbnails, social buttons, or other adjustments, for example. If you want to add those more features, you should utilise a plugin.

Using a Plugin to Display Any RSS Feed

The finest WordPress RSS feed plugin is WP RSS Aggregator. It allows you to show RSS feeds on your WordPress blog, and you may transform your WordPress blog into a content aggregator without coding by purchasing premium add-ons.

The first step is to download and activate the WP RSS Aggregator plugin, which is available for free. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

You’ll be prompted to provide your first RSS feed URL after activation. We’ll add https://wpbeginner.com/feed/ to this tutorial. After you’ve input the feed URL, scroll down

Enter the Feed URL into WP RSS Aggregator's Settings

The newest feed items from the RSS feed you linked to will appear on the following page.

To add the feed to a new page draught, click the ‘Create Draft Page’ button, or use the shortcode on the right to add it to any post, page, or widget area.

Click the 'Create Draft Page' Button to Preview the RSS Feed

We’ll use the ‘Create Draft Page’ button in this example. The page is built automatically, and the button wording becomes ‘Preview the Page.’

You may preview the RSS feed on your website by clicking that button. This is a snapshot of our demonstration site.

WP RSS Aggregator Feed Preview

This page includes a bulleted list of links to the feed’s most recent three posts, as well as information on the source and the date they were published.

When you apply their paid add-ons, this plugin transforms into a true powerhouse. You may use these to generate separate posts for each RSS item and import the whole text of each one. Others provide for keyword filtering of RSS feeds, as well as the option to classify each item.

WP RSS Aggregator Add-ons

This plugin may be used for auto-blogging with these add-ons. You should, however, use caution. Scraping whole pages from third-party websites might result in copyright breaches and legal issues.

Using a Plugin to Display Social Media Feeds

Adding social network feeds to your WordPress blog may help you grow your audience, promote social engagement, and improve the quality of your existing material.

Smash Balloon is the most popular WordPress social networking feed plugin, with over 1.75 million users.

It’s really a set of plugins that allow you to easily create and display bespoke Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube feeds on your WordPress site.

Using WordPress to Add a Facebook Social Media Feed

Install and activate the Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed plugin to add a Facebook feed to your site.

There is also a free version that allows you to build basic Facebook feeds, but it lacks sophisticated capabilities such as photo and album embedding.

Smash Balloon allows you to merge feeds from numerous Facebook sites and personalise the layout of your Facebook feed .

The Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Plugin

See our article on how to make a custom Facebook feed in WordPress for more information.

Using WordPress to Add an Instagram Social Media Feed

The finest Instagram feed plugin for WordPress is Smash Balloon Instagram Feed. The plugin is available in both a paid and free edition.

You may use this plugin to show Instagram posts based on a hashtag or an account. You may also incorporate lightbox popups, show comments and like counts, and more.

The Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin


In this extensive explanation on how to create a custom Instagram feed in WordPress Blog , you can learn how to utilise the plugin.

Using WordPress to Add a Twitter Social Media Feed

The greatest Twitter feed plugin for WordPress is Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds, which comes in both paid and free editions.

Display numerous Twitter feeds, react, like, and retweet while staying on your website, and show entire tweets in lightboxes are all possible with the plugin.

The Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds Plugin

See our article on how to embed tweets in WordPress for more information on using this plugin to add a Twitter feed to WordPress.

Using WordPress to Add a YouTube Social Media Feed

Smash Balloon’s Feeds for YouTube is the greatest YouTube social media plugin available for WordPress, and it comes in both pro and free editions.

The plugin allows you to create a personalised gallery from all of your channels, add live streaming, create bespoke feeds using complex search queries, and more.

You may also customise the appearance of your video broadcast by selecting from a variety of layout themes.

The Feeds for YouTube by Smash Balloon Plugin

See our tutorial on establishing a YouTube gallery in WordPress Blog for more information.

Using Code to Display Any RSS Feed

You may use code to show any RSS feed on your site using a WordPress built-in function.

Simply copy and paste the following code into any WordPress file. For this purpose, we propose that you construct a custom page.

You may change the title on Line 1, the feed’s URL on Line 7, the number of items to show on Line 12, and any other option on Line 12 to make this code your own.

We hope you learned how to display any RSS feed on your WordPress site from this guide. You might also be interested in our comparison of the best domain name registrars or our list of tried-and-true methods to make money blogging with WordPress.

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