Are you seeking for the finest WordPress product review Plugins?

Product review plugins may help you increase search engine traffic, increase affiliate link clicks, and add user-submitted reviews to your website, among other things.

We’ve hand-picked the top product review plugins for WordPress in this post.

Why Use Product Review Plugins in WordPress?

What do you do when you wish to make an online purchase? If you’re like the majority of people, you undoubtedly read product reviews to evaluate various possibilities.

Allowing your customers to give reviews is a smart method to provide social proof and drive sales if you have an online business.

A product review plugin may be used on specialty review sites where you write all of the reviews yourself. The correct review plugin will aid in the optimization of your reviews in search results, resulting in more hits and visitors.

WordPress makes it simple to publish new blog posts and crucial website pages, but producing review material and posting reviews to your site necessitates the use of WordPress plugins.

Product review plugins may help you increase sales, allow visitors to leave reviews on your site, and integrate reviews from third-party sites, among other things.

As a result, let’s have a look at some of the top product review plugins for your WordPress site.

1. WP Review Pro


The finest WordPress product review plugin is WP Review Pro. It allows you complete control over your WordPress product reviews, as well as the ability to create product comparisons and other useful features.

It comes with a library of pre-designed templates that you may edit to match your website’s look. You may utilise a variety of ranking systems, including %, star rating, points, and more.

WP Review point rating example

You may offer all of the crucial product information to your visitors, including a link to buy the product, by designing a custom review box. Review schema markup is also supplied by default, allowing you to display star ratings in search results.

You may also allow people to write their own product reviews, score features, and vote on other users’ remarks.

WP Review Pro user rating example

The plugin also allows you to show evaluations from third-party sites like as Facebook, Google Places, and Yelp, making it simple to include social proof into your WordPress site.



All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is the greatest WordPress SEO plugin on the market, with over 3 million websites using it. It provides the most user-friendly and comprehensive SEO toolbox to assist you in increasing search engine traffic.

It comes with a setup wizard that will guide you through selecting the ideal SEO settings for your website in order to boost your rankings.

It also makes it simple to include product review schema in your review blog entries. Although Schema markup does not exist on your website for users to see, it aids search engines in understanding your content and appropriately displaying your product evaluations.

Rich snippets will pique the interest of potential visitors and are more likely to generate clicks from search results.

Rich snippets product schema example

AIOSEO will automatically recognise the proper type of schema depending on what you’re writing while you’re writing product reviews.

You also have complete control over the product review structure, including the ability to insert pertinent product information for search engine bots to read.

AIOSEO product schema

You can also add existing customer reviews to improve the search appearance even more.

You’ll find this option below the review schema box in your post editor.

AIOSEO customer reviews box

The plugin is accessible in a free edition, but you’ll need the pro version to use the product review schema function.

3. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews

WP Consumer Evaluations enables you to gather customer feedback and testimonials as well as write your own product reviews.

For example, to boost your social proof and conversions, you might build a dedicated page on your website to highlight your testimonials.

Your review forms and the information you wish to collect from your users are completely within your control. You may use shortcodes or the included block to show reviews.

You may examine the reviews in your WordPress dashboard, giving you full control over which ones appear.

It also allows you to convert any current WordPress blog article into a product review and adds product review schema to boost your review’s search engine visibility.

4. Site Reviews

Site Reviews

Site Evaluations is a simple review plugin that works similarly to TripAdvisor or Yelp in that it allows you to collect customer reviews for your products, services, or local company.

You may also allow people to leave reviews on specific aspects of your website, such as articles, goods, pages, and more.

It comes with a straightforward options page that lets you choose how you want to collect reviews and display them on your website. The review form may be customised and placed anywhere on your website.

Your greatest reviews can also be pinned to the top so that your consumers see them first.

Site Reviews sample review

It also works with WooCommerce to improve the way users submit reviews on your WooCommerce product pages.

To show specific reviews, you may use the Gutenberg block or shortcode that comes with the plugin.

5. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Customer Reviews makes it simple to add more descriptive reviews to your business.

This plugin improves your social proof, making it more probable for people to make a purchase when they visit your product pages.

Customers may upload photos and vote on reviews, and you can even include a question and answer area to make your product listings appear like Amazon’s.

Improved WooCommerce product page with reviews

There’s also a function that helps you produce more reviews by sending automatic emails when a buyer makes a purchase. You may also offer a discount in response to a product review.

6. Schema — All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Schema is a free plugin that allows you to add product schema markup to your reviews so that rich snippets may be displayed in search results.

It’s not as comprehensive as the AIOSEO schema function, but it’s a good free alternative.

When you choose the review schema type, you’ll be given more product information to fill in, such as the reviewer’s name, the product’s name, the price, the star rating, and so on.

Other forms of schema markup, such as articles, recipes, software, and events, are also supported.

Bonus: OptinMonster


Over 1.2 million websites use OptinMonster, the finest popup plugin for WordPress. To expand your email list, you may effortlessly design high-converting popup campaigns.

It includes a collection of over 400 templates that you can use to easily develop spin-to-win optins, alert bars, yes/no optins, and a variety of other popup campaigns for your website.

These popups may be used in a variety of ways. You might make a popup that shows a coupon for the product you’re evaluating in the post, for example.

OptinMonster affiliate popup example

Many of the most popular WordPress websites utilise this method to improve affiliate income and make more cash on their product review posts.

Smash Balloon and Uncanny Automator, in addition to OptinMonster, are two more plugins that may be handy depending on your use case.

Smash Balloon is the most popular WordPress social media feeds plugin. It allows you to display user-generated content and product evaluations from social media on your website without the need for any coding.

The greatest WordPress automation plugin is Uncanny Automator. It allows you to automate the process of gathering client reviews once they make a purchase. It also enables you to establish additional automatic workflows on your website without having to write any code.


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